Saturday, May 4, 2013

Green Giant Veggie Chips Update

I recently tried Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips in Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips with Zesty Cheddar and in Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips with Sea Salt. I was able to try this product for free because I am a BZZAGENT.  I first tried these products several weeks ago and I still really like the sweet potato chips, but I have not continued to eat the roasted veggie tortilla chips. 

For the Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips with Sea Salt, I like that it contains healthy ingredients. It is made with whole grains and sweet potatoes. I enjoyed the taste and texture of these chips. They are lightweight, crispy and crunchy. The chips are very thin. I like thin chips. For the flavor, the chips tasted like a mix of sweet potatoes and brown rice with a hint of sea salt.  I would definitely recommend trying this flavor of chips from Green Giant. I will definitely buy this variety again. It is the perfect combination of taste and healthiness. 

For the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips with Zesty Cheddar,  I also like that these chips contain healthy ingredients, such as real vegetables and whole grains.These chips are also lightweight, crispy and crunchy.  I thought the flavor of these chips were just okay. I thought it could have a better cheese flavor and a better combination of spices. I just did not like the combination of flavors. For this reason, I probably would not buy this flavor or recommend it. 

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