Monday, October 20, 2014

Secret Outlast

Recently, I have tried Secret Outlast Completely Clean Scent Women's Clear Gel Antiperspirant for free because I am a BZZAGENT. I am glad that I was able to try this product because I like the Secret brand. They offer high quality and effective products, I have been happy with the effectiveness of their deodorants.  I also was excited to try it because it is a clear gel. I prefer clear gels because they don’t leave white marks on your clothes. I included pictures of the product below.

Overall, based on my experience so far I would recommend this product for several reasons. I like that this product has a light and natural scent. I prefer to use products that have a nice scent. It makes the experience of using the product more enjoyable. I like the benefits this product offers also. This product dries quickly after applying and it does not leave any marks on my clothes as promised. In addition, this product is a water based formula. This means that this deodorant has ingredients that help permeate sweat glands more quickly than other deodorants. This helps to prevent odors. Furthermore, I like that this product protects me from odors for about 48 hours. I feel that this product effectively prevents odor and wetness, which are the two main benefits I look for in an antiperspirant. However, there is one thing I dislike about this product. It is a little difficult to control the amount of gel that comes out of the holes. If you turn the dial too much, too much gel comes out of the holes and some of the product is wasted. I included a picture of where the product is dispensed below. 

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