Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Secret Outlast Update

I have been using Secret Outlast Completely Clean Clear Gel for several weeks now.  Since I am a BZZAGENT, I got to try this product for free.  Based on my experience, I would recommend buying this product.

First, I like that this product absorbs quickly and leaves no marks on your clothes. This product includes ingredients that allow it to dry fast.  I feel this feature is important because I don't want to get deodorant all over my clothes. Best of all, this product does not leave any white marks on my clothes. I have had problems with deodorants leaving marks all over my clothes and with this product I don't have this issue. Second, this product provides 48 odor protection. I feel that this product effectively prevents odor. I have not had any issues with odor when using this product. Third, this product detects and prevents wetness. This product contains active ingredients that permeate your sweat glands faster than traditional invisible solid deodorants. My underarms don't feel wet and sweaty when I use this product.  Fourth, I like that this product has a nice scent.   However, I still continue to experience one disadvantage with this product. The main disadvantage is controlling the amount of gel that comes out each time. Often, too much gel comes out and I waste some of the product. 

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