Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stella Artois Chalice

I recently received a Stella Artois chalice for free because I am a BZZAGENT. This chalice is designed to preserve the aroma of beer, improve the flavor and make sure the head foams just right. The shape of the chalice allows it to be positive for CO2 and helps retain the flavor of beer. I also like that the chalice looks nice. It looks refined and sophisticated. This chalice is perfect for displaying your beer at special gatherings or for every day use. I like the shape of the chalice and the star stem. The star stem is where you hold your chalice.

In order to have the best tasting beer, Stella Artois recommends that your practice a 9-Step Belgian Pouring Ritual:
1. The chill
2. The purification 
3. The unveling
4. the aclchemy begins
5. the crown
6. the beheading
7. the judgement
8. the cleansing
9. the bestowal

I tried the ritual Stella Artois recommended with their beer and I would agree that the chalice really preserves the flavor and creates a nice head. I also like how the chalice looks fancy. I love the taste of their beer and this chalice makes it taste even better. For more details on the Stella Artois perfect pouring ritual, you can visit The video on their website clearly explains the perfect pouring ritual.

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