Thursday, December 27, 2012

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

I recently tried Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream in Fragrance Free and Original for free because I am a BZZAGENT. These products are supposed to help with 7 signs of damage, which include dryness, chapping, scaliness, roughness, splitting nails and dry cuticles.  The only difference between the fragrance free and original variety is that the fragrance free is unscented and the original has a light scent. Both products contain glycerin to provide a long lasting moisturization.  I felt that both products helped heal my dry hands and my hands felt softer and smoother. This product did help with the chapping, dryness and the roughness that I experience on my hands. I do not currently have a problem with scaliness, splitting nails or dry cuticles to know if it is also helpful for these signs of damage. This product would be beneficial for those who want the perfect manicure because this product is supposed to help with dry cuticles and splitting nails. I would then use nail polish to make your nails look even better. I personally like OPI and Nicole nail polish. They come in a variety of shades to give you the perfect manicure. I included a picture of what my hands/nails look like after using this product without and with nail polish. I used a pale pink nail polish.

However, the disadvantages of this product are that cream is a little greasy when you first apply it to your hands and both varieties contain parabens.  This product would be even better if it was all natural and did not contain possibly harmful chemicals.  If you are looking for a basic hand cream to repair and heal your hands and you are not looking for an all natural product, I would recommend this product.  

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