Saturday, June 22, 2013

E&J XO Brandy

I recently tried E&J XO Brandy for free because I am a BZZAGENT. This company has a rich history and is an award winning brandy. For this reason, I was excited to try this product. I like that this brandy is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 2 years to make it extra smooth. Also, it is distilled from the wine of three California grapes (French Colombard, Grenache and Barbera). This creates a light and sweet taste.  I really like the flavor of this brandy. It had light, sweet and refreshing taste that I found rewarding. It has a hint of toffee, vanilla, brown sugar and maple flavors. I especially liked the maple flavor. The blend of flavors tasted really good. 

Furthermore, I like that this is a versatile product. You can drink this brandy straight or in a cocktail. I like the suggested cocktails that E&J recommends. Some of the recommended cocktails are E&J and Ginger, E&J and Cola and E&J XO and Fizz. The E&J and Ginger contains ginger ale, lime juice and brandy. The E&J cola includes cola, lime and brandy. The E&J XO Fizz contains strawberries, simple syrup and moscato spumante champagne. My personal favorite is the the Fizz cocktail. I like that this cocktail has strawberries and and champagne. It tastes delicious. For more cocktail ideas, you can visit:
Overall, I would definitely recommend trying this product. The taste and quality is excellent. 

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