Sunday, June 30, 2013

E&J XO Brandy Update

I have been using E&J XO Brandy for about a week now. I was able to try this brandy for free because I am a BZZAGENT. I really like the taste and quality of this brandy. I also like that it is versatile. I like that I can drink this brandy straight or in a mixed drink.

I have been trying some of the mixed drinks that E&J XO Brandy recommended. I have tried E&J and Ginger, E&J and Cola and E&J XO and Fizz. The E&J and Ginger contains ginger ale, lime juice and brandy. The E&J cola includes cola, lime and brandy. The E&J XO Fizz contains strawberries, simple syrup and moscato spumante champagne. I like the Fizz cocktail the best. I like that this cocktail has strawberries and and champagne. I love fruity drinks and it tastes really good. For more cocktail ideas, you can visit:

Also, I have tried drinking this brandy straight. It goes well with many meals.

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